Representamos a la firma CURTIS DYNA FOG equipos de última generación los cuales proveemos a organismos públicos y colegas.

Ambiental Ecológica es representante para Uruguay, Paraguay y Bolivia de la firma CURTIS DYNA FOG (EE.UU.), la cual cuenta con el 80% del mercado mundial de equipos ULV.

ULV (Ultra Bajo Volumen) es una técnica de aplicación de químicos que genera gotas entre 5 y 50 micrones en forma de niebla, logrando así una mayor economía, eficiencia y protección del ambiente comparándola con los sistemas tradicionales.

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Twister XL 3
Maxi – Pro 2D
Goldean Eagle

Equipos de Aplicación
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Niebla Fría

The Hurricane dispenses both oil and water-based products. The Hurricane is capable of dispensing disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides and insecticides. It is being used successfully in hospitals, restaurants warehouses nursing homes, schools, greenhouses and other institutions.

The multi-range Tornado offers a 3 gallon tank, large formulation filter with removable screen and a precision control metering valve that allows adjustable outputs from a heavy mist of 5 gallons per hour down to low outputs in the ULV range.

mister3Mister III
Mister III has the versatility to dispense fungicides, insecticides, germicides and disinfectants as wettable powders, emulsifiable concentrates, flowables or liquids in a variety of applications: greenhouses, warehouses, food processing plants, swine/poultry houses and much more. 12 Gal./hr. (45 liters/hr.) output.

twister_xl3Twister XL3™
Upgraded Flexible Hose Design. The Twister XL3™ is an aerosol generator designed to take the weight and stress off of the operator's hand and wrist and ensure ease of use and comfort when working. Ideal for controlling mosquitos and other flying insects, the variable chemical output capability makes the Twister XL3™ suitable for all situations

typhoon1Typhoon I
Your choice of three advanced, high performance pumping systems makes the Typhoon ULV an outstanding value. User friendly and ease of operation clearly defines the technology that only Curtis Dyna-Fog, with more than thirty years of experience, can produce.

maxi_pro2dMaxi-Pro 2D
The MAXI-PRO 2D is the most versatile member of the MAXI-Pro family of truck mounted ULV applicators. The output of the diaphragm pump enables the MAXI-Pro 2D to be used for adulticiding, producing 90% of the droplets below 20 microns.


Engineered with the user in mind, the Dyna-Fog Trailblazer is designed to dispense both petroleum and water-based products easier and more efficiently than other applicators.

The Superhawk is the machine of choice by many Health Ministry Professionals, Mosquito Control Departments and Disease Control programs. Its light weight and ability to produce large volumes of fog make the Superhawk ideal for use in both local and remote areas.  The Superhawk uses the reliable Dyna-Fog stainless steel engine and aluminum tanks.

The Dyna-Fog Falcon utilizes a new low voltage patented electric starting system and user friendly design.  With heavy duty plastic tanks and an ergonomic style, the Falcon delivers the highest performance to weight ratio of any comparable thermal fogger on the planet.  It’s light weight combined with the reliable Dyna-Fog stainless steel engine enable the Falcon to provide years of service to the health control professional seeking a compact, high performance hand-held thermal fogger.

golden_eagleGolden Eagle
No other chemical applicator dispenses oil based insecticides, fungicides, germicides, dis-infectants, odor control and other chemical products as easily, effectively and economically.

The Blackhawk was designed for larger scale usage with maximum efficiency for handling petroleum-based products.

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